Order Related FAQ

1. Do you save my billing and shipping information so I don't have to enter it each time I place an order?
Once you create an account we will have your information saved on file; however, you may edit your shipping information online if you need to ship to an alternate address.

2. What is the difference between a billing and a shipping address?
Your shipping address is where you would like us to deliver your order. Your billing address is the same address as that of the credit card?s billing information. The billing information you provide must be the same information that your credit card issuer has on file. If your billing address doesn?t match what the bank has on file, your order will be placed on hold. This may cause delays or cancellations.

3. I didn't receive an order confirmation or shipping confirmation. What should I do?
We are sorry that you did not receive confirmation of your order. Please contact us immediately (1-866-746-7938) and we will assist you.

4. Why am I being charged tax when there isn't sales tax in my area?
When placing your order you will initially be given an order total based on an estimated sales tax. Once your order is processed and an invoice is generated the tax will be adjusted to the proper charge according to the laws of the state in that the package is shipped. In cases where taxes are charged, we will reverse your tax cost.

5. Why does my order status say "Authorization Review"?
Based on predetermined criteria, certain orders are reviewed to ensure they are not fraudulent. At times, we will need to contact the credit card holder and / or bank issuer to verify information.

6. Why has my order been canceled?
Your order could have been canceled for a number of reasons. Please contact us either by phone at 1.866.SHOPWETSEAL (1.866.746.7938) or email us at so we may explain the reason.

7. My order was cancelled, but there is a charge on my account. When will this charge be credited to me?
The charge you see on your account is actually a pre-authorization hold. This hold will drop off from your account according to your credit card issuer's (Bank) policy. This may be a few days to a couple of weeks. You should contact your credit card issuer to find out exactly when the pre-authorization hold will be released.

8. Why is my size not showing on the pull down menu?
Our company selects a range of sizes to be offered based on our experience with broader demand. We offer sizes from XS - XL and 00 - 13. When we run out of stock in a particular size, color, or item; it will no longer be shown online. To ensure the best fit for you, we recommend that you visit our Wet Seal stores and try on a few of your favorite items. You may also refer to our size chart.

9. Can I still return an item even if I do not have my invoice but the tags are attached?
In this case, please contact us either by phone at 1.866.SHOPWETSEAL (1.866.746.7938) or email us at

10. Can I still return an item even if I have the invoice but the tags are not attached?
You may return the item to the store for an in-store credit as long as the item does not appear to be worn. You may not return an item via mail without the tags attached.

Policy Questions FAQ

1. What is your online privacy/security policy?
We ensure that your personal information is private and secure. You can review our privacy policy online.

2. What happens if my package is lost or stolen?
Please note that Wet Seal is not responsible for uninsured packages that are lost or stolen in the mail. We will work with you to get a refund from the shipping agent if necessary.

3. Do you do price adjustments?
Yes. Price adjustments will be honored for online purchases only within 7 days from the original purchase date on items purchase at full price only. We will not honor price adjustments on items purchased during a promotion, sale, or clearance items.

4. Where do I enter my promotion code?
Please click on the following link to enter you promotion code: Promotion codes cannot be applied after the order has been submitted.

Account Information FAQ

1. How can I find out about special offers and promotions?
When you create an account, you may specify that you would like to receive email updates about future offers and promotions.

2. How do I change my account information?
You may change your account information by logging into your online account, and then you can edit your current information by clicking the edit link next to the portion of information that you would like to change.

3. What if I forget my password?
Please contact customer service (1-866-746-7938), we will provide you with your password.

4. How do I unsubscribe from your email?
Please email us at We will remove you email address from our database.

Product Related FAQ

1. How do I know what size I wear?
You can refer to our size chart. If you still need assistance, please give us a call at 1.866.SHOPWETSEAL (1.866.746.7938).

2. What is the best way to take care of a garment I have purchased from Wet Seal?
All Wet Seal clothing comes with a garment care tag, so we recommend that you follow the instructions carefully in order to avoid damaging or shrinking the garment.

3. How do I locate an item?
To locate an item, Please contact the store nearest you for the fastest and most accurate product location. Input the necessary information and you will be able to reach one of our many Store Associates for assistance. Our Store Associates can only arrange for a local store pickup of the item(s) you seek.

Customer Care FAQ

1. What are your hours of operation?
Our hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM M-F PST.

2. How do I find an item online that is sold out in the color and/or size that I need?
We do not backorder any of our fashions at this time. If you need to locate an item, you may want to check with a store in your area or you may call (1-866-746-7938). Please note you must have a style number available in order for our representatives to perform a product location.

3. How can I find a store in my area?
Point and click here in order to find the location and phone number of any one of our stores.

4. Do you have a catalog? Not at this time.

5. I keep getting an error page and/or the site is functioning slower than usual. What should I do?
Please contact us immediately at 1.866.SHOPWETSEAL (1.866.746.7938) or email us at so we can assist you.

Shopping Bag Related FAQ

1. Why do we need your credit card verification code?
Card security codes are the three digit codes printed in the signature panel on the back of Visa?, Master card? and Discover? issued credit cards or the four digit code printed on the front of American Express(R) cards.

These non-embossed codes are printed on the cards when they are created and are determined by algorithms unique to each card number.

We request this code and verify it with your credit card company to ensure your protection against unauthorized purchases.