Crush - By ABC Family - Wet Seal

Crush - By ABC Family - Wet Seal

Callie As a tough girl with a sensitive side, The Fosters' Callie Jacob embraces a casual, bohemian style that channels the diversity of her challenging childhood and her hope for a happy future. To reflect her unwavering spirit, Callie's Crush collection is made up of earthy colors, boho patterns and unique fabrics.

Riley Riley Perrin of Baby Daddy is a cute and fun-loving girl-next-door with a pretty, feminine style. Her romantic charm and ambition to succeed defines her Crush collection of modern florals and prints, flirty skirts and dresses, and floaty tops matched with classic cardigans and skinny jeans.  

Lacey Popular Lacey Porter from Twisted keeps up her hard-earned social status with sophisticated and immaculate fashion-forward style. Her classic femininity inspired her Crush collection of sleek pencil skirts paired with graphic tops, while her resurfacing traumatic past influences a style twist of unique embellishments.

Bay Switched at Birth's street artist Bay Kennish has an edgy style that perfectly captures her fiercely passionate, yet thoughtful personality. Her eclectic Crush collection mixes bold and soft pieces in darker colors, like a moto-style jacket layered with a dress in a romantic print.

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